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About NLP (FAQs)


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of human excellence. You probably know people who are able to have what they want in life. They are able to envision a pathway, define ways toward their dreams and act on them. They are better communicators, have deeper relationships and maintain optimal health. Even in an ever-changing world, they keep their balance and move forward. NLP is renowned for helping people easily develop these same strategies for themselves over a short period of time.


Your brain codes experiences you have. The original coding usually takes place early in life. The coding becomes your perceptions, or beliefs you have about yourself, the world and what is possible. This template also becomes the filter through which you experience your life. You develop strategies for thinking and living that further reinforce the original beliefs.

NLP has precision processes that allow you to quickly cut to the core of your own template. You are able to gain a profound understanding of how you operate. Through NLP, you are able to uncover the unconscious beliefs that serve you well and lead toward your successes in life. You are also able to discover specifically what blocks your progress. While NLP builds an even stronger foundation for your strengths, it also enables you to break through the barriers that have held you back by transforming limiting beliefs -- creating movement beyond the dictates of old programming to a enjoy a wider life.

NLP models human excellence and provides clear-cut ways to understand and teach those strategies to others. Due to modeling, students of NLP have been able to vastly improve such areas as communications skills, athletic goals, learning and creativity strategies, health and well-being, business practices -- virtually any personal or professional goal.


There are several ways you can get involved. A number of books are available that will introduce you to NLP and the wide-reaching areas of its development. You may attend an NLP workshop. Training is available in focused areas such as communications skills all the way to NLP Practitioner Certification. Probably the best way to sample the power of NLP is to experience a private session or retreat intensive.

Carla Woody, M.A., is an NLP Master Practitioner with specialized certification in health applications. She has been a practitioner and trainer of NLP for 20 years. Carla offers individual programs, as well as group work and workshops. She uses NLP as the master tool in her toolkit, often integrating these processes with other healing methods. She credits her own introduction to NLP years ago with major positive change in her own life. Carla's clients have succeeded in healing depression, phobias and physical health issues all the way to living their dreams they previously hadn't thought possible.

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