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About Meditation (FAQs)


While a number of meditation techniques exist, they all essentially seek a similar outcome -- to clear the mind and enhance awareness. The practitioner directs attention to the breath, a chant, an image, or other ways of focusing in order to create a relaxed state empty of internal chatter. In the course of doing so, a committed meditator will find increased health, clarity in life choices, an ability to navigate stress more easily and experience a fuller life. Mystics have been doing it for centuries. Finally, in the last quarter century medical science is validating the positive effects of meditation through clinical research!


When the breath is used consciously and breathing is optimal, it has physiological advantages. Blood circulates and the body is cleansed of toxins. Cells thrive. The nervous system is toned and pain or tension is significantly reduced or dissipates altogether.

With mental focus, meditation relaxes the emotional centers of the brain releasing hormones that nurture the entire body. The immune system is enhanced and the brain enters the alpha state where healing is most likely to occur. A clearing takes place that allows the practitioner to tap into insights, which move toward increased emotional and physical health. The hemispheres of the brain are balanced and sounder life choices are possible. Clinical research has found regular meditation practice to positively affect such health challenges as depression, anxiety and addiction; all the way to hypertension, cancer and chronic fatigue.

The practitioner may often have experiences that take them beyond themselves to connect with others, and the entire Cosmos, in ways that provide a profound spiritual foundation. Thus, they find increased meaning in life as a whole.


Many books and tapes exist on meditation. It's possible to teach yourself to meditate or you may want to join a class. You may choose to take advantage of the power of a group meditation. Even people who meditate regularly find that a group setting profoundly enhances their practice.

Carla Woody, M.A., is the author of the books, Standing Stark and Calling Our Spirits Home, and the audiotape, Breath Meditations. She has practiced meditation for over twenty years. Carla offers a Meditating for Health class and meditation retreats. She integrates these practices with NLP and other healing methods in her work with private clients and groups. She credits meditation with helping her to bring her life into balance after a serious illness. Carla's clients have often used the techniques she teaches as the first in-road toward healing themselves and making wiser choices in their own lives.

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