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August/September 2009 Volume 58

Welcome to this bi-monthly edition of our newsletter! You will find these columns contained in our August/September issue:

Metaphors for Life
Special Events

I hope you enjoy this issue of Kenosis In-spirations...

Carla Woody, Founder

Metaphors for Life
Many traditions understand the power of teaching through stories. Our minds find a special repository for them. We unconsciously draw from this metaphorical resource bank when we need it most — to guide and nourish us. Here you will find such tales, quotes and prose. As they have come to me, I pass them on to you just as our ancestors have done since the world was young.

At the top of the mountain we are all snow leopards.

              — Hunter S. Thompson

Life is nothing if not levels of learning, whether we freely enter the Perpetual School or are dragged kicking and screaming into our lessons. We actually have no choice in the matter. In this column, I offer you philosophy, musings and information that you may take with you as they fit into your own lyceum.

Striving to Surrender
By Carla Woody - reprinted from the June/July 2003 Kenosis Inspirations.

Our enculturation follows us. No matter where we go, there we are - until we aren’t. At least, not in the old way. In a culture that prizes the fast track and material goods over the languid appreciation of a natural life, people have an amazing struggle in their attempts to connect with what is real at a core level. I know because I had the same challenge. Now, I witness others striving to surrender. This particular oxymoron is so prevalent I am compelled to comment on it here.

Seekers often have such a profound craving for things simple and real, the connection to a deeper existence. Looking for what they don’t have, they use the same strategies they might use to train for a marathon. When the Being state doesn’t come, they experience angst and strive for it some more - while it’s only giving up that can bring it about. It’s about giving up the mindset we’ve been taught, which has normally been reinforced all our lives by the environment surrounding us. It’s hard to find sanctuary if we’re being whipped into a frenzy by internal and external messages about “getting it right,” “doing more,” and so on. The eternal carrot is somehow forever just out of reach. That mentality just doesn’t work on the spiritual path.

In order to break with an old habit, we need to be shown otherwise. The “how” needs to be there. In our Western culture, it’s a challenge to find the “how” for this particular model of the other world. My own shifting agent came through my work with mystic Don Américo Yábar and other Andean peoples. Through modeling the natives of Peru and explicit instruction from Don Américo, I learned to have a kind of connection that I couldn’t even have dreamed of before, because I didn’t know of the possibility. Now, I am able to live in concert with What Is in a way that is trying to put into words. From this place clarity exists that guides non-action. What is needed is attracted through intent.

A friend returned from a nine-day retreat and shared her experiences with me. I relate them to you with her permission. “On my way to Joshua Tree I saw a buzzard sitting atop a fence post, facing the sun with its wings outstretched sunning itself. I had never seen anything like this and took it as a sign of some sort. . .Then we did the Egyptian spirituality session and I walked into the chapel and saw a big banner of the winged Ma'at!!  I also saw a coyote just about 25 feet from the door to my room. . . . She was looking for water I'm sure since the pond is just across from my room.  She looked at me and started toward the pond, stopped, looked again . . .I've never been that close to one when I wasn't in a car.  I had just walked across her path and gotten to my door when I saw her.  I didn't see any owls this time but I watched a dove make its cooing sound after we had our throat chakra session and had never seen how they kind of throw their throats open when they make that sound.  It was fascinating.  It's funny how you can get into appreciating the little things when you're removed from the usual day-to-day stuff.  I sure feel reborn!”

It takes stepping out of our usual habit to allow what has always been present to become apparent. I’m asked over and over again, “What can I do to surrender?” There’s no doing about it. There’s merely holding intent and then opening to Being. That’s our birthright.

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Carla Woody is the author of the book Standing Stark: The Willingness to Engage and Calling Our Spirits Home: Gateways to Full Consciousness and founder of Kenosis, an organization supporting human potential and global consciousness. Carla has long been leading people toward mind/body/spirit wholeness using integrative healing methods blended with world spiritual traditions. She may be reached by e-mail at or by telephone (928) 778-1058.

Special Events
For more information call Kenosis at (928) 778-1058 or e-mail to request a flyer. If you are interested in sponsoring a book signing or a workshop with Carla Woody, please contact us.

Fall 2009   Spirit Keepers Series. Kenosis Spirit Keepers, the nonprofit arm of Kenosis, is bringing indigenous Wisdom Keepers for Saturday evening talks with Sunday afternoon circles so they can introduce you to the cosmology, ceremonies and ways of their people — a truly unique opportunity. The Chakaruna's Offering will be held Saturday evenings 7-8:30 PM at the Smoki Museum. The Spirit Keeper's Circle will take place Sundays afternoons 1-6 PM at the Center for Spiritual Living. Discounts are available for advanced tickets to all events and for full-time students and seniors. These events will be held in Prescott, Arizona. This series is in collaboration with Ringing Rocks Foundation.

    Sept. 5 and 6: Alonso Mendez, Tzeltal Maya archeo-astronomer from Palenque, Mexico, offering the Maya way of life and ancient sacred geometry for today's use.

    Oct. 10 and 11: Anank Nunink Nunkai, from the Shuar Tribe in the Equadorian Amazon, introduces the wisdom of his ancestors and how to live in harmony through nature.

    Nov. 14 and 15: Walking Thunder, a Diné Medicine Woman from New Mexico, will share what it means to be a healer and demonstrate medicinal practices.

For more information visit the Kenosis Spirit Keepers web site, download a PDF brochure (PDF, 1.1 MB), call Kenosis Spirit Keepers at 928-778-1058 or send an email message to

January 5-16, 2010   Entering the Maya Mysteries with Carla Woody, Alonso Mendez and Carol Karasik. Spiritual travel to Mexico and Guatemala visiting hidden sacred places and engaging in nearly extinct ancient ceremonies with Don Antonio Martinez, the last Spirit Keeper of the Lacandón Maya. Group size limited. A Spirit Keepers Journey co-sponsored by Kenosis and Kenosis Spirit Keepers. Limited number partial young adult sponsorships available. Early registration until October 1: $2695. After October 1: $2795. Registration costs include automatic donation (tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers) of $695 toward Kenosis Spirit Keepers programs. For more information, contact Kenosis at 928-778-1058 or

Note: Private groups may be arranged. If you have a group of 8-15, contact us for more information.

This is an adventure of the spirit!

Ongoing   Private Consultation is available with Carla Woody in-person in Prescott, AZ or via telephone. Addressing life direction, relationship, spiritual emergence and whole health. Integrating NLP, subtle energy work and sacred world traditions to make a lasting positive difference.

Contact Kenosis at 928-778-1058 or

More often than not, the publications or music you will find reviewed here will not be new or "bestsellers." Websites or organizations may not be well known. But all are spotlighted by virtue of their impact and value.

2012: Science or Superstition
Documentary film by Nimrod Erez and the Disinformation Company

The Maya Long Count Calendar comes to an end on December 21, 2012. There’s a lot of controversy on what that all means. Depending on who you listen to it means anything from the annihilation of the world, a shift in consciousness, a reverse of the Earth’s poles – or maybe as little consequence as Y2K.

The makers of the documentary have gathered together scholars, scientists, anthropologists and one or two of the fringe element to give their view. If you’re curious about all the hype that’s out there about 2012, this is a good film to watch. It does give a good background about the importance of astronomy to the ancient Maya people.

To me, the very weak point of the film is the absence of the Maya worldview – a dangerous thing when you’re making interpretations. Other than a Maya man who is featured guiding the viewer through Palenque, there is only one more Maya person in the entire line-up.

They’ve featured an interview with Alonso Mendez, a Tzeltal Maya archeo-astronomer known for his discoveries of solar and lunar alignments in the major temples of Palenque. He’s also my partner in our Entering the Maya Mysteries Program. Alonso seems to be the sole voice of reason contained here, cautioning us in the stories we hear. I’m going to listen to him.

The Spiritual Cinema Circle has picked up the film as part of their DVD series. Go here to see a trailer.

— Carla Woody


Note that Kenosis Spirit Keepers is sponsoring Alonso Mendez on September 5-6 as part of the Spirit Keepers Series held in Prescott, Arizona.

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