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August/September 2011 Volume 70

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Metaphors for Life
Special Events

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Carla Woody, Founder

Metaphors for Life
Many traditions understand the power of teaching through stories. Our minds find a special repository for them. We unconsciously draw from this metaphorical resource bank when we need it most — to guide and nourish us. Here you will find such tales, quotes and prose. As they have come to me, I pass them on to you just as our ancestors have done since the world was young.

Live every day like your hair is on fire.

— Zen Proverb

Life is nothing if but levels of learning, whether or not we freely enter the Perpetual School. We actually have no choice in the matter. In this column, I offer you philosophy, musings and information that you may take with you as they fit into your own lyceum.

Questions We Live By

By Carla Woody

Excerpted from the article published in Anchor Point: The Practical Journal of NLP, September 2001.

The edge of our reality depends on what we hold inside our minds as true and possible. We tend to recycle our lives: past, present, future--all becoming one in the same--continually validating the filters through which we live. We continue to attract to us what we self-select through rote unconscious processes until we don't. When we don't, it's because something has awakened us to a wider life. With that wake-up call, different metaquestions are projected into the psyche from a place of higher wisdom. We begin to run those unconscious questions in our minds instead to attract to us the answers that will fulfill them. In alignment with the new metaquestions, a particular stream of metaprograms provide themselves to provide the thought and behavior orientations that serve us--to step into the forest beyond the familiar compound where we used to live.

In my books Calling Our Spirits Home and Standing Stark I document a path I call the Re-membering Process. I overlay a variety of world traditions, transformational modalities and tie the process to examples of everyday people undertaking the leap. The model I present in this article is drawn from my books, as well as additional observation and research.

While there is no prescription or prescribed schedule, I'm aware of these stages: Sparking, Separation, Search, Initiation and Re-Entry. Many of us are on this path, in different phases and timetables. We are propelled forward by the energetic momentum present with us in the world today demanding transformation--now. If we're not involved and committed to the Re-membering Process, then we're still anesthetized, betraying ourselves and deceiving others.


By Candlelight

By Candlelight
©2000 Carla Woody

Sparking is what awakens us from sleep and an unconscious life. It usually happens over a period of time, but can happen within an instant. It often occurs at mid-life, but if we're lucky or more conscious it happens much earlier. We all live within a container of some sort and are in a stupor to some extent. We can't escape it. It's part of the human condition. The questions are: how deep is the sleep? How big does the spark to awaken us have to be? What will jostle us out of the daily shuffle? What will cause our heads, bent over so intently eying our shoes, to rise up?

There are some of us who unconsciously decide, without really knowing why, to look up one day and really see the sky or a tree and the Sparking takes place. For others of us, it may be a seminar we attend or a book someone gives us at just the right moment. Then there are some who must be dynamited awake. These are the souls who have to experience a major crisis in their lives. For them, it's a significant illness, loss of a loved one or way of life that finally gets their attention. The important point is that no matter how we receive our Sparking it happens as it needs to for each of us. It's at that point we become more aware of how we have been living our lives. In our semi-wakeful state, we slip ourselves these questions.

1) Where am I?

2) What am I feeling?

3) What am I lacking?

These are the unconscious mantras that run within our minds at this stage. A state of confusion exists. We seek to reach into the fog and grasp explanations. The task of Sparking is to wake up. Soon we may even become hyper-aware of the state of our lives. At this point, we transition to the next phase in the journey.


The task of Separation is un-learning. Once we begin to wake up, if we are truly going to continue on the journey, then leave-taking has to take place. It's a prerequisite of the course. We cannot travel a path toward authenticity maintaining a false life. The Separation phase is a major sub-transition in the evolution of Re-membering. Those who successfully carry it through find the courage to hold firmly against forces--internal and external--that struggle to re-establish homeostasis.

At this point that we begin to look at our lives and notice what really fits and what doesn't. Through the conditioning process we all received messages regarding what was "good" and "right" from our individual families of origin, schools and society. Needless to say, "good" and "right" varied greatly depending upon individual environments.

During the Separation phase, we tend to wonder where we went in previous years and what stranger took up residence instead. We ask ourselves these questions:

1) Who am I not?

2) How did I abdicate?

3) How do I serve myself?

In fine detail, we examine our jobs, relationships, homes--virtually everything in our lives that matter to us. If we haven't been true to ourselves, discomfort and disorientation increase until a shift occurs. The shift can generate drastic change: dissolving relationships, transferring career fields, or leaving a geographic location. There doesn't have to be a complete break with pre-existing elements. However, discovery in this phase will allow the loosening of old beliefs, which will in turn begin to alter attitudes, feelings and behaviors--and leverage possibilities toward a new way of life. We are then brought to the next fork in the path.


The quest of the Search is to widen choices. During the Search we delve into other perspectives and beliefs and try them out.

1) Who am I?

2) What are the possibilities?

We find ourselves investigating areas that are new and different. The promise of a fuller life may seem endless. So, we undertake such things as going back to school, moving geographically, experimenting with new careers or relationships, trying out diverse spiritual traditions or religions; many things to bring in additional data.

The Search can be as exhilarating as it can be scary. We may feel as though we've jumped into space with no safety net to catch us. The dirty little secret no one mentioned is: There's no turning back. Even if we would choose to turn our backs on the future, we're still different than who we were before. The future is guaranteed. It's just how easy or difficult we want to make it. So, we might as well press forward. If we pay attention, we will be directed, through intent, to those aspects that fit who we are at the core. We will know when we've arrived at the threshold of our true home not by the logic of the mind, but by the response of the heart.


After having been on the Search, the traveler comes to rest in the comfort of Self-knowledge. The undertaking of Initiation is assimilation. We query:

1) What are my gifts?

2) Where am I going?

3) What do I need?

While many formal ceremonies exist the world over, the real Initiation starts and ends inside--where the Self is finally proclaimed as whole and wearing masks no longer necessary. In this stage we know and appreciate the old life for what it was. We've made the decision to take the learning and discard the rest. We also know intuitively that there's a new life on the horizon, a deeper one that stands apart from the one that passed before. Having been on the trail for so long, we now stand apart from those who have not yet awakened. We also know we have something to teach--even if only by example. This is the cusp of a real beginning and the fog has nearly lifted. We can nearly see. We are readying ourselves for the journey back into the world. After a pause to fully integrate who we now are and the gifts we have to share, we are ready to continue our travels.



©2008 Carla Woody

The mission of Re-entry is immersion. We will find ways to Re-enter and fill whatever voids existed previously. In this phase we discover the answers to these questions:

1) How do I return?

2) What gifts do I share?

3) What is the structure?

4) How do I implement?

This is the final tasking of Re-membering. It informs our own evolution as much or more than any impact on others with whom we come in contact. If we don't come back, then we haven't completed the journey. We would remain floating somewhere without real grounding. Our new identity calls upon itself for expression. It's not easy to enter places where what we have to give isn't always welcome. It can be frustrating and many of us will just want to give up and close ourselves off. But we can drop hints where we may and discover community. Patience and intent are indeed the bylaws of Re-Entry that allow us to ask our own answers. Belief in ourselves and the possibilities of human potential cleave the way for what is to come.

Evolution is an ancient road. We travel through the cycle of Re-membering but the spiral never ends. We will re-enter the world and integrate our gifts. Over time, we will become anesthetized again. But sooner or later we will arouse ourselves to invite in an even vaster existence.


Note: Navigating Your Lifepath is a transformational program designed by Carla Woody, addressing The Re-membering Process in a supportive environment. It will be offered in Louisiana this fall. See Special Events.


Carla Woody is the author of Calling Our Spirits Home and Standing Stark. She founded Kenosis and Kenosis Spirit Keepers to support human potential and help preserve Indigenous wisdom traditions. She leads retreats internationally and regularly sponsors spiritual travel programs to Peru, Mexico and France. Carla is available to work with individuals and groups in the areas of transition, relationship, spiritual emergence and whole health. For more information, contact Kenosis at 928-778-1058 or

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Special Events
For more information call Kenosis at (928) 778-1058 or e-mail to request a flyer. If you are interested in sponsoring a book signing or a workshop with Carla Woody, please contact us.

September 24-25   Spirit Keepers Series event featuring Wachan, Martika and Shiqwarkenty, traditional Wisdom Keepers of the Andes. Sponsored by Kenosis Spirit Keepers, the nonprofit arm of Kenosis, for Saturday evening talk and Sunday circle. Held Prescott, Arizona. For complete information on the event and how to purchase advanced discounted tickets, go to the Spirit Keepers Series page.

October 13-16 & November 3-6   Navigating Your Lifepath with Carla Woody. Take a transformative journey from your core self to the larger world of a visionary, directed lifepath. Two 4-day weekend program about embodiment and the deeper meaning of sustainability. For those who want to positively impact their own lives and that of family, community or larger world. Teachings from Carla's 20+ years of intensive work in spiritual emergence and whole health, including long-standing work with Peruvian mystic Don Américo Yábar and Q'ero, Hopi and Maya Spirit Keepers. By September 13: $995. After September 13: $1095. Manual and Carla's books included in tuition. Held in Arnaudville, Louisiana, a haven for artists and musicians, in the heart of Cajun Country. Fly into nearby Lafayette. Download PDF flyer for complete information. (1.9 MB)

Percentage of proceeds will go to Kenosis Spirit Keepers, the nonprofit arm of Kenosis, to support preservation of Native wisdom traditions.

November 12-13   Spirit Keepers Series event featuring Eli PaintedCrow and Gregoria Molina, Wisdom Keepers of the Yaqui Nation and co-founders of Turtle Women Rising. Sponsored by Kenosis Spirit Keepers, the nonprofit arm of Kenosis, for Saturday evening talk and Sunday circle. Held Prescott, Arizona. For complete information on the event and how to purchase advanced discounted tickets, go to the Spirit Keepers Series page.

January 13-25   Entering the Maya Mysterieswith Carla Woody, Alonso Mendez, Carol Karasik and Chip Morris. Spiritual travel to Chiapas, Mexico visiting ancient sacred Maya sites and participating in nearly extinct traditions. Through clearing rituals and ceremonial circles we engage with authentic Spirit Keepers living among their people: Doña Panchita, curandera of Palenque; Don Antonio Martinez, the last elder of the Lacandón Maya maintaining his traditions; Tzotzil Maya religious leader and healer Don Xun Calixto; and Doña Andrea Ruiz Lunes, practitioner of Tzotzil Maya women's medicine ways. This is an immersion experience in Maya cosmology, ceremony, medicine and arts. Group size limited.

A Spirit Keepers Journey co-sponsored by Kenosis and Kenosis Spirit Keepers. Bringing Hopi emissaries to reconnect with their Maya relations. Limited number partial young adult sponsorships available. Early registration until October 22: $2595. After October 22: $2695. Registration costs include automatic donation (tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers) of $295 toward Kenosis Spirit Keepers programs. For more information, contact Kenosis at 928-778-1058 or

Note: Private groups may be arranged. If you have a group of 8-15, contact us for more information.

This is an adventure of the spirit!

February 25-26   Spirit Keepers Series event featuring Flordemayo, Maya visionary healer and member of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Sponsored by Kenosis Spirit Keepers, the nonprofit arm of Kenosis, for Saturday evening talk and Sunday circle. Held Prescott, Arizona. For complete information on the event and how to purchase advanced discounted tickets, go to the Spirit Keepers Series page.

Ongoing   Spiritual Travel to France: La Source of Provence is available with Carla Woody. By special arrangement for small groups of five to six persons. May be booked up to one year in advance subject to availability. Integrates sacred sites of Mary Magdalen, art and old Provençal culture. Contact Kenosis at 928-778-1058 or

Ongoing   Private Consultation is available with Carla Woody in-person and via telephone or Skype. Addressing life direction, relationship, spiritual emergence and whole health. Integrating NLP, subtle energy work and sacred world traditions to make a lasting positive difference.

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More often than not, the publications or music you will find reviewed here will not be new or "bestsellers." Websites or organizations may not be well known. But all are spotlighted by virtue of their impact and value.

Note to Self

Note to Self: Poems for Changing the World from the Inside Out
By Jamie K. Reaser

From the first few pages of Note to Self I know that Jamie Reaser is an ally, having traveled the same landscape I have. In Callings she urges: Become someone who can't answer simple questions like, "What do you do?" And I finally feel validated, for not having been able to answer that question myself. She gives voice to the innermost struggles common to any of us who seek the Holy Place in everyday life, urging us gently to something more, providing a safe haven to light. Jamie leaves a trail of poetry that we can count on as landmarks on the perpetual journey, giving grounding to a pathway where there seems to be none, guiding us to look inside for Truth.

The Moment

If you've done
The Work,
a moment will come

When what others observe
as a mundane
paw print of reality,

You'll claim as the
holy embodiment of
a Sacred Dream.

In this moment,
your ego has become a
hand maiden to
your Soul.

In this moment,
your heart has emerged
from its utilitarian form.

From this moment on,
you'll Know.

This is a book to treasure: to pick up again and again when we fear we've lost our way, feel alone or want to celebrate. Jamie's poetry assures us that we belong to a universal community that is timeless. We are not alone.

Note to Self is published by Hiraeth Press and available through their website. The Moment is reprinted with permission.

— Carla Woody

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