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Carla Woody has published several articles that are archived online:

Articles about Carla's work by other authors or by Carla to download (PDF files):

Carla has been interviewed on radio. Click a title to hear the interview in your computer's media player. (If you have Safari on Mac OS X, you must right-click the link and choose Download Linked File and then open the .m3u file separately to open iTunes.)

  • Sacred Reciprocity: Preserving Indigenous Traditions
    Radio show host Teresa Maijala interviews Carla Woody on Ancient Medicine Today on November 23, 2009 about the importance of preserving Indigenous Traditions, and what Kenosis Spirit Keepers is doing to make that happen. Teresa's show is regularly broadcast on Mondays at 2 PM CST from KOOP 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas and streaming on
  • The Healing Power of Intent
    Part Two of Carla's interview by Teresa Maijala on Ancient Medicine Today originally broadcast on November 30, 2009. This segment sharing the importance of community and intent in healing.

Video content available here is co-produced by Carla or produced by others about the work of Kenosis and Kenosis Spirit Keepers.

Teachings of the Andes
In this 3-part YouTube video series Carla Woody talks about the mysticism of the Andes through her work with Don Américo Yábar. Filmed live in Peru in Summer 2008.

Peru Rio Paucartmbo
Part I: Intent. Teachings on intent and energy.

Part II: The Salk'a Effect and Everyday Life. Distills the Andean model of the world and the effect of being in a refined energy state.

Part III: Integration. About having a foot in both ordinary and non-ordinary worlds and the integration process. Demonstrates energy release process.

One World Wisdom

Documentary film One World Wisdom explores the compelling question: Is it time for some traditions to die...? The answers given reflect core values — a common thread running through Indigenous cultures. Written by Carla Woody and co-produced with Bradley Burak, this half-hour film examines the meaning of healing, community and sacred reciprocity toward global renewal. Features the traditions of the Hopi, Lacandón Maya and Quechua peoples. This YouTube version is a video introduction of the film (4:24).

Watch the full video on YouTube.

Bridging Heaven and Earth Show

During Bridging Heaven and Earth Show in September 2001, Carla is interviewed. Full show lasts 58:54 minutes. Interview with Carla begins at 16:25 minutes.


Kenosis Spirit Keepers Cultural Exchange Program Q'ero (Peru) and Hopi (Arizona)
Interview from 2007 recorded by Jacob Devaney of Culture Collective. 07:54 minutes.

Children's Show in Mollamarka

In 2008, professional clown Gumbo Wobbly from Arizona and performance artist Christin-Chirin Cibis from Berlin put on a show for the children of Mollamarka, a first of its kind in this small village. Watch the villagers' delight and hear Hopi Harold Joseph describe the importance of clowns. This videoclip (02:56) provided by Jacob Devaney of Culture Collective in memoriam to Chirin who passed away unexpectedly in August 2009.

We have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions that are available online:

Kenosis Inspirations Web-Based Newsletter Archive
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