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Calling Our Spirits Home:
Gateways to Full Consciousness

                                       By Carla Woody

Calling Our Spirits Homeis a beautiful spirit song that gently gathers the dis-integrated, frightened parts of ourselves into the warm unconditionally loving wholeness of a mother's embrace... a celebration of life, mysticism and magic emerging as a blossom from the consciousness of humanity after centuries of growing beneath the compost of an unbalanced, materialist world.
                  - Matthew J. Pallamary
                    Author of Land Without Evil

From reading Calling Our Spirits Home, I got validation that my search, albeit eclectic, was not unusual. After turning the last page of the book, I had a feeling of being nurtured for my "out of the box" way of searching, and a deep sense of compassion for my personal struggles in answering the Call... This is a book rich with references and resources from others who have traveled this road, a wonderful amalgamation of spiritual wisdom for which I am grateful to have as a "flashlight" to illuminate the course on those dark nights seeking wisdom and guidance.
                    - A reader from Prescott, Arizona

...I recognize that this is the product of a lifetime of observing and witnessing... What a wonderful gift.
                    - A reader from LaPorte, Texas

I am halfway through Calling Our Spirits Home and finding that it's "hitting the spot." It's the kind of book that I'll be sorry to finish, so I'm going to slow down my reading and savor its message.
                    - A reader from Prescott, Arizona

This book helped me realize that you can have spirituality on your own terms. There is no right or wrong. It doesn't matter which path your life has taken you can still improve on it and create the life that was meant to be yours...
                    - A reader from Fairborn, Ohio

Carla Woody writes a fascinating book in which she introduces thought provoking concepts. Her blend of metaphysics, myth & legend and mysticism is simply amazing. The information in this book is multi-dimensional and gives the reader a chance to discern not only what the 'journey' is as it applies to consciousness, it also challenges the reader to do some self-examination. There will be some that will attempt to read this book, however, if their view of religious indoctrination is limited, so will be their ability to grasp some of the points made. I applaud Woody for being artistic, challenging, and bold in writing this book, and including her personal experiences lends credibility to her text. I certainly would recommend this book and would also go so far as to suggest group readings that would allow the opportunity for several people to share their own interpretations of the concepts presented.
    - Reviewed by Susan Wingate
      Metapsychology, The Mental Health Net
      September 2000

...provides a complete spiritual menu, with all utensils, for all moments of our continuing journey of reaction to crises, initiating positive change, experiencing enlightenment, healing and complete fulfillment.
                    - Recommended in Mindquest
                      by Lightword Publishing

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