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The Willingness to Engage

                                       By Carla Woody

Writing from direct personal experience, Carla Woody tackles the mystery of life with sensitivity and an open heart. Most importantly, like an experienced teacher, she probes us to search deeply into the wellspring of wisdom buried in the inner recesses of our being.

Kyriacos C. Markides
Author of The Mountain of Silence, Riding with the Lion and others

This book is filled with wonderful stories that help to illustrate with great clarity our underlying relationship with spirit. I'm sure readers will gain insight from Carla's writing, as did I.

Stephan Rechtschaffen
Co-founder and CEO The Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
Author of Time Shifting

In STANDING STARK, Carla Woody weaves her personal story into a delightful tapestry of self-growth methods and tales of transformation. In reader-friendly language and with a flair for transforming challenging concepts into understandable ideas, Wood describes her unique path toward wholeness and fulfillment. In so doing, she helps her readers discover their own path through the sacred dimensions of life.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Co-author of Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them, Healing States and others

STANDING STARK is a very easy to read, in-depth book about engaging with your Soul. The subtitle, THE WILLINGNESS TO ENGAGE, really describes the content of the book. Through an artful weaving of information and storytelling, Carla helps the reader drop inside to reconnect with the unconscious parts of themselves. It is written in such a way that it's easy to experience what she is describing. The suggestions she offers about how to engage are very gentle and easily understood. An excellent book for those seeking to become even more whole and who wish to be guided by someone else on the path.

Suzi Smith
International NLP Trainer/Coach

In the world of books about new age spiritual topics, only a minority is truly accessible and easily applicable to daily life. STANDING STARK by Carla Woody is one. Our true intent is a key. When we are able to move from the mind/ego to an intent that comes from the heart, we open to immense guidance, knowledge, growth and potential.

Real knowing, which comes from the heart, is experiential and is not simply a mental construct. Woody describes spiritual questions, practices, and phases of spiritual awakening which, combined with sharing of both her own experience and the experience of others, easily illuminate the spiritual path to higher consciousness and transformation. This combination is very effective in helping her audience to "know" what the process of spiritual evolution entails.

Woody helps the seeker to understand and navigate the joys, trials, and pitfalls of the spiritual path, and makes esoteric concepts understandable on a deep, feeling level. I read this book from a place of allowing, rather than thinking, and found it to be very descriptive and affirming of my own process and journey. I recommend it without reservation for both novice and seasoned travelers on a spiritual journey.

Emma Onawa
for The Well Red Coyote: Books on the Rocks Sedona, Arizona

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