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Finding YourSelf, Recapturing Your Vision

Navigating Your Lifepath


Carla Woody

Author of Standing Stark, Calling Our Spirits Home and
Portals to the Vision Serpent

A Program To Revolutionize Your Life

Now available as a self-guided course and in private mentoring and group formats (coached or intensive).
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Re-imagine your future, committed to an authentic life with expanded possibilities. Take a transformative journey from your core self to the outer world of a visionary, directed lifepath. Be the architect to a life of your own making and leave disillusion behind.

Create a breakthrough and take a quantum leap:

  • Magnify your talents and fully express them;
  • Establish lifework that feeds your soul;
  • Attract everyday prosperity;
  • Develop relationships that are mutually supportive;
  • Amp up your energy;
  • Maintain robust health and balance;
  • Find yourself doing things you only dreamt of in the past;
  • All while living through your spiritual values.

It's my passion to mentor people through a process I went through myself and refined over twenty years to make it readily accessible to others. Why take the long way home when you can have a committed, personal guide who knows the territory well and has been successful in living through her own vision?

Together we design a lifepath choosing your highest priorities to put in place. I provide the specific learnings and strategies tailored to your concentration. But the beauty of my approach is... as you flourish in the areas you deemed most important... other aspects are naturally affected, too. And an added plus? You automatically impact family and others merely by living as your best self.

First we go inside...
Using proven methods of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) merged with practical spirituality, we focus on going inside for alignment, defining values, engaging core energy and creating a precise blueprint for your long-desired outcomes. Through this process you'll create clarity and a solid foundation.

... And then we go outside.
We are devoted toward going outside and paving the way in relationship to others, lifework, resources and the larger world. We go inside deeply to come outside freely and authentically.

While clients begin to see immediate positive shifts in their lives, I've found that a six-month program provides the focus necessary and integrates the powerful strategies they're taught. It brings "unconscious competence" to the lifepath envisioned. In other words, you don't have to think about it. You just live it!

Here's to your journey...
Carla Woody

Navigating Your Lifepath is delivered in-person and/or virtually — through a combination of intensives, tailored teaching modules, regular coaching sessions, email correspondence, directed actions and accountability journals.

Also available as a self-guided downloadable course:

  • 8 sections of carefully sequenced material to address the elements of transition and how to create a meaningful life, including action steps;
  • 8 audios to instill the teachings of each section;
  • 4 bonus audios with in-depth learnings about beliefs, relationship and more.
That's 12+ hours of audio and a 150-page guidebook. Carla's books Standing Stark and Calling Our Spirits Home are recommended to accompany the coursework and may be purchased separately.

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The LIFEPATH teachings and proven strategies of this program are drawn from Carla's own experiences and 20+ years of intensive work with individuals and groups toward spiritual evolution and whole health, as well as organizations seeking to align their values and expand impact. This program is about embodiment and the deeper meaning of sustainability. It will be for those who feel drawn to take on the mantle of Spirit Keeper in whatever way, large or small, to positively impact their own lives and that of family, community or larger world.

Other Available formats:

  • Private Mentoring. This is an opportunity to work one-on-one with Carla learning the in-depth material and tailoring the program to your personal needs in a powerful way. Conducted in person, via phone or Skype.

    This option includes: Downloadable 150-page guidebook and 12+ hours of audio teachings, 90-minute sessions totaling 15 hours working directly with Carla specifically addressing mind-body-spirit alignment to your stated outcomes, plus direct email access to Carla during the course of the program and Carla's books: Standing Stark and Calling Our Spirits Home. Sessions are normally scheduled every two weeks with the entire program complete within six months.

    To determine if private mentoring is right for you, contact Carla to set up a free 45-minute appointment. Send a message to or call 928-778-1058.

  • Group Coaching. Periodically group coursework may be announced. Carla will be your guide in how to use the material described in the content of this page for your specific purposes. Format will be divided in teaching, demonstration and group work. Conducted locally in person.

    This option includes: 150-page guidebook, Carla's books (Standing Stark and Calling Our Spirits Home) and 8 group mentoring days normally spread over 4 months for integration. 12+ hours of audio teachings may be purchased as an adjunct to review at home.

    For information about upcoming groups, send a message to or call 928-778-1058.

  • Group Intensive. Carla is available to travel and work with your group. The program is tailored according to your group's needs and scheduled in 2-4 day intensives with time in-between for integration. To explore options send a message to or call 928-778-1058.

Who should commit to this program?

Navigating Your Lifepath has long-standing success and is designed for anyone wanting to make a significant positive change. It is intended for organizations and individuals ready to deeply explore their core values and to greatly enhance their ability to make a difference — first for themselves and then in the wider world.

Special Benefits You'll Take Home:

  • Create clear direction.
  • Develop new ways to effectively implement your dream.
  • Live a balanced, richer life based on your deeply held values.
  • Uncover the unconscious belief system that has historically driven your thoughts and actions.
  • Enhance your strengths, identify blockages and move through limitations.
  • Deepen relationships and develop community.
  • Become a congruent role model for visionary leadership and service.
  • Embody the ways of living inherent in indigenous traditions.
  • Live through your core self and naturally, positively affect others.

Professional Development: Check with your tax accountant about deducting the cost of this program as a professional development expense in accordance with IRS guidelines.

Carla Woody 2012 Carla Woody has a long-standing working relationship with Peruvian mystic Don Américo Yábar and also engages in work with Quechua, Maya and Hopi Spirit Keepers. In 1999, she founded Kenosis whose mission is to serve human potential and direct the vision, "one tribe, one world." Through a long history of successes, she has developed her own unique merging of NLP, conflict mediation, subtle energy work and world spiritual traditions. She leads retreats internationally and regularly sponsors spiritual travel programs to Peru, Mexico, Guatemala and France, and in the United States in the Hopi country of the American Southwest. In 2007, she established Kenosis Spirit Keepers, a nonprofit organization, which seeks to honor and preserve indigenous wisdom and sacred cultural practices. Programs offer a path toward a sometimes quiet, yet powerful way of waging peace, understanding and channels through which dreams become reality.

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