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This logo has special meaning to our work at Kenosis. What you see are three succeeding niches in ancient stone walls leading to an open space. This is what little is left of the temple dedicated to the Incan deity Illapa, the Storms God and hurler of lightening bolts. In most indigenous cultures, lightening has keen shamanic significance in the way of clearing and initiation.

The Temple of Illapa was once part of the larger complex Qorikancha, the great Sun Temple of Cusco. In a massive attempt to destroy Incan culture during the Spanish invasion, the majority of Incan sacred sites were obliterated. Over their very remains, the Spanish built their own churches. The ruins of the Temple of Illapa today reside in the courtyard of the Santo Domingo Catholic Church, imposed upon by outside sources.

We wish to acknowledge Texas artist David Moerbe for his keen sense of symbolism.

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