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Carla Woody photo Carla Woody
Photo credit: Darlene Dunning

I believe in human potential and the spirit that lives within all of us. I specialize in working with folks to release blocks, create clarity, make empowered choices, and build a solid foundation so they may live through their own closely held values. Full health and wellbeing are your birthright.
                                                                   — Carla Woody




Carla Woody has been guiding individuals and groups for more than 25 years, focusing in the areas of transition, relationships, spirituality and whole health. She is the founder of Kenosis LLC, an organization based in Prescott, Arizona, supporting human potential since 1999 through personal growth workshops and spiritual travel programs working with Indigenous leaders in the US, Mexico, Central and South America.

Carla Woody
Holding a circle at Salk'awasi
Photo credit: Al Petrich
She holds a B.A. in Communications and M.A. in Human Relations. Carla is certified as an advanced practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) with special applications to health, Hypnotherapist, Family and Divorce Mediator, and Prolympian Neurokinesis. In 2007 she founded Kenosis Spirit Keepers, a volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to help preserve Indigenous traditions threatened with decimation.

Carla is the author of Calling Our Spirits Home: Gateways to Full Consciousness, Standing Stark: The Willingness to Engage, Portals to the Vision Serpent, plus articles on spirituality, integrative health and advocacy of Native wisdom traditions. A visual artist, she works in oil, mixed media and 3-D expressing the narrative of her experiences.

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Carla Woody with Don Americo
With Don Américo Yábar at Salk'awasi
Photo credit: Darlene Dunning
Carla Woody participating in a Q'ero despacho ceremony outside Cusco
Participating in a Q'ero despacho ceremony outside Cusco
Photo credit: Darlene Dunning

Carla Woody with Q'ero Leaders
With Q'ero leaders from Cochamocco making commitment to help build a village school
Photo credit: Darlene Dunning
Carla Woody with Alonso Mendez and Carol Karasik
With Maya researcher/writer Carol Karasik and Maya cultural astronomer Alonso Mendez during a Lacandón Maya balché ceremony
Photo credit: Darlene Dunning

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