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Carla Woody's Biography (Long)

Carla Woody had a serious health crisis at 27 that led her to meditation, questions about how to live mindfully, and the study of human potential. She continued her job as a logistician for government agencies, but felt as though something essential was missing. In the late 1980s, she began doing volunteer service as a conflict mediator for inner city neighborhoods, but it wasn't enough to satisfy her desire to contribute something more meaningful.

In the early 1990s, she encountered two catalysts that revolutionized her life. The first one was training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Through NLP, she discovered the clarity and courage needed to leave a "safe" eighteen-year career. Carla entered the world of entrepreneurs, establishing herself as an organizational development consultant and created a private NLP practice for whole health.

The second catalyst arrived in the person of respected Andean mystic Don Américo Yábar, following shortly on the heels of her first NLP certification. Through a healing with Don Américo, Carla first found what it was like to experience a true expanded state of consciousness. Her immersion in the sacred traditions of the Andes and her friendship with Don Américo is still ongoing after over fifteen years.

Carla admits that since the early 1990s, she's been on a "fast train" readily focused on her own evolutionary process. Today, she is considered a conscious living teacher in her own right. Her methods integrate what she has learned through indigenous wisdom traditions and NLP. She founded Kenosis in 1999 to provide psycho-spiritually based programs to guide people in life direction. Shortly thereafter, spiritual travel programs to Peru, Mexico and France became an extension of the work offering a celebration of the land and the spiritual customs of its people that are indigenous to the region.

In 2007, Carla founded Kenosis Spirit Keepers as the nonprofit arm of Kenosis. Its mission is to help preserve sacred indigenous traditions threatened with extinction. The organization offers sponsorships that bring together native peoples from the U.S. Southwest, Peru and Mexico in intimate, small group settings to share traditions. Non-native young adult sponsorships are also available. Other travelers may join these spiritual travel programs, a portion of their tuition directly supporting sponsorships and making them possible. Participants find the experience to be life transforming. Another main project of Kenosis Spirit Keepers is financial support to the Q'ero village of Cochamoco, high in the Andes, to build a school and maintain a teacher that honors their traditions.

Author of the books "Standing Stark: The Willingness to Engage" and "Calling Our Spirits Home: Gateways to Full Consciousness," Carla has also published a number of articles on natural healing and advocacy related to native cultures that are experiencing decimation. She holds a B.A. in Communications from Wright State University and M.A. in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. She is certified as an advanced practitioner of NLP (special applications to health), hypnotherapist, conflict mediator and Reiki Master Teacher.

Carla has lived and traveled widely in the United States, Europe, Mexico, Peru and Middle East. Her study of world traditions and spiritual practices has also taken her to various sites in North Africa, India and Central America. These influences color not only her writing, but also her work with others. She is an artist who captures the essence of the people and places she visits mostly through black/white photography and oils on canvas. She makes her home near Prescott, Arizona.

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