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Carla Woody founded Kenosis LLC to offer education and support to those who are committed to realizing their own potential and awakening to their spiritual nature. The word kenosis comes from the Greek and means to empty. With the continued emphasis in our Western culture of "faster" and "better" at the expense of quality in our lives, Carla saw a need to offer people ways to discern what is real and what truly matters in today's confusing world. Through a variety of programs, Kenosis clients have an opportunity to drain themselves of any limiting programming they inadvertently ingested and mindfully step into their authentic selves.


"Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore!"
                                      in the The Wizard of Oz

At Kenosis, we are vitally invested in a holistic approach and what works to nurture the evolutionary process. In order to create deepest transformation in their lives, people need to be able to access those hidden places in their make-up where it happens. Consequently, we focus our work at the spiritual and life belief levels where, when a positive change occurs, it has the widest effect.

Through such powerful instruments as NLP, world spiritual traditions and archetypal patterning*, we orchestrate experiences that allow participants to tap into their own inner wisdom where true metamorphosis occurs.

* Archetypal patterning refers to those higher aspects of each of us that are reflected in works like Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey and ancient mythologies common across cultures.

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Floridalma Pérez González photo

Floridalma (Flori) Pérez González is a traditional Mam woman of the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala who currently lives in San Cristóbal de Las Casas. She is a Daykeeper, a spiritual role with ancient origins, passed on to her by her grandfather, using divination and ritual according to the sacred Mayan calendar. Flori guides the traditional fire ceremonies and temazcal, sweat bath used for childbirth and curing, and lives her daily life through the cosmovision of her people — interweaving all levels of reality.

Caral Karasik photo Carol Karasik is a poet, writer and editor who has worked on books and films in the fields of anthropology, art, ecology, and educational philosophy. For the last fifteen years she has lived in Chiapas in order to experience her passion on a day-to-day basis — Maya culture. That immersion has recently produced a novel set in nineteenth-century Chiapas, as well as the text for Corazon Abriendo, a multi-media dance piece based on Maya weaving which is now being performed in the US and Mexico. She received a National Endowment for the Humanities award for her script on Maya civilization. As editor she has been involved in many publications such as Maya Tales from Zinacantán, Living Maya, and available in July 2008, Every Woman Is a World: Interviews with Women of Chiapas. She is also conducting research on archaeoastronomy at Palenque. Carol is a quintessential storyteller who conveys the lives of the present-day Maya in a way that is mesmerizing.

Chip Morris photo

Walter F. Morris, Jr. (Chip) was born in Boston. In 1972 he arrived in Chiapas as a lost tourist. He was fascinated by the Maya and decided to stay in order to learn Tsotzil as well as the Maya textile and their symbolic meanings. He is a founding member of the Sna Jolobil weaving collecive and compiled the Pellizzi Collection of Chiapas textiles. He was awarded a MacArthur Prize for his work in archaeology and anthropology, and he has published several books on folk art, including A Millenium of Weaving in Chiapas, Living Maya, and Hand Made Money: Latin American Artisans in the Marketplace.

Marlene Boyer photo

Marlène Boyer is a French native living in Provence who has worked in the tourism and hospitality industries for over ten years, emphasizing culture and gastronomy. She is well-known for creating reliable, personal, and positive travel experiences to out-of-the way places. She says, "My deep passion for my own region and my never-ending enthusiasm combine to insure that you will see and taste the best Provence has to offer. Representing the 'heart' of my region to the world is my pleasure."

Claire Turquin Silhouette photo

Claire Turquin Silhouette, originally from France, has lived in the US, Mexico and Senegal, and now calls Provence her home. She invites you on a genuine experience rooted in ancestral traditions through the rhythms of the seasons. Her background includes counseling, event planning, development aid and tourism. Claire delights in sharing Provence, a land she calls "embroidered with knowledge and passion that my grandmother's stories would sing to me as a child."

Alia Michaels photo

Alia Michaels has been dancing along the Sufi path for more than 20 years. She is a teacher (Khalifa) and ordained minister (Cheraga) of the Sufi Movement International. For more than 30 years, she has been involved in the human potential movement and has explored different spiritual paths (including shamanism, Kabbalah, Taoism and mystical Christianity). She graduated from Matthew Fox's Institute of Creation Spirituality (MA, 1991) and Tacheria: Interfaith School of Spiritual Direction (2001). In addition to being the Kenosis web master and her Sufi activities, Alia has worked as a hospice chaplain and was an adjunct faculty member at Naropa University in Boulder, CO where she taught online classes in spirituality and comparative religons. She also paints religious icons.

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