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We collaborate with clients to embed the proven strategies required to make empowered choices and build a solid foundation that literally transforms their lives. Our programs integrate NLP — known as a powerful catalyst — with the best practices and philosophies of world spiritual traditions.

Lifepath Design

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Navigating Your Lifepath is a program closely mentored by Carla Woody guiding people to re-engage their dreams and make their highest priorities a vibrant reality. The program may be undertaken privately or as a self-guided course (without mentoring). Periodically it may be offered to a group as a virtual program.

For more information and to request an application for the mentored program, please send a message to or call 928-778-1058. For information about the self-guided program, see Navigating Your Lifepath.

Throughout the year, we may sponsor teleseminars or workshops. The best way to stay updated on these offerings is to subscribe to The Lifepath Dialogues blog or sign up for our Quantum Leap Kit that includes an automatic subscription to the Kenosis Inspirations ezine.

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Spiritual Travel

People commit to our travel programs because they want spiritual openings, something they can take home to positively affect their lives. Carla Woody has spent the last eighteen years building relationships with authentic wisdom keepers and putting together programs that give them exactly that.

We provide immersion experiences working with Quechua, Aymara and Q'ero spiritual leaders in Peru and Bolivia, Maya healers in Mexico and Guatemala, on Hopi with traditional Wisdom Keepers, La Source of Provence with Mary Magdalen and art sites in France and other offerings that touch travelers deeply and shift consciousness.

Hopi Petroglyphs image

Sacred Guardians of the World in Hopi:
It is a rare opportunity to experience Hopi Spirit Keepers in their homes, hearing the ancient stories, visiting the sacred sites and attending religious ceremonies that weave their very identity as guardians of the world — and how all these things translate into everyday living. Only recently is it now possible to be invited.

Peru Mountains photo

Heart of the Andes in Peru:
We travel to power places that the average visitor never sees and enter the world of Native mysticism. Through Q'ero spiritual leaders and other healers we experience age-old ceremonies that call on the energy of the Pachamama — Mother Earth — to give thanks and bless us.

Maya Ceremony photo

Entering the Maya Mysteries in Mexico and Guatemala:
We provide an immersion experience in Maya cosmology, ritual, medicine and arts. The ancient Maya world is very much alive today and fully integrated in the everday lives of the people with festivals, curing rituals and social practices.

Town in France

La Source of Provence in France:
There is something inherent in the very earth and light of Provence that attracted spiritual leaders and artists for centuries. This unique program melds the sacred Mary Magdalen sites, energy of the land, hearty old Provençal culture — and the influential art that was born of it.

Contact us at 928-778-1058 or to arrange a Spiritual Travel journey for your group.

A percentage of proceeds from all Kenosis programs is donated to Kenosis Spirit Keepers, a nonprofit, that seeks to honor and preserve indigenous wisdom and sacred cultural practices. Their scholarship programs provide cross-cultural exchange, education and community-building opportunities for indigenous peoples, young adults and others. When you register for our programs you are also helping to sponsor others.


Photographs courtesy of Carla Woody
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