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Carla Woody's Biography (Short)

Carla Woody had a serious health crisis at 27 that led her to meditation, questions about living mindfully and studying human potential. She continued a mainstream existence working for government agencies as a logistician, but felt as though something essential was missing.

In the early 1990s, she encountered two catalysts that revolutionized her life. The first one was training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The second one was her introduction to the world of Andean mysticism through Don Américo Yábar. These two encounters catapulted her into a quest toward learning how to live through her real nature.

Today, Carla is considered a conscious living teacher. She founded Kenosis providing programs that guide people in transforming any area where they may have challenges, such as life direction, relationship and health, and embracing a spiritual path. Her methods often merge NLP with guided imagery, art, meditation and subtle energy work. She is the author of the books Standing Stark: The Willingness to Engage and Calling Our Spirits Home: Gateways to Full Consciousness, the course Navigating Your Lifepath, and recording Breath Meditations.

Carla holds a B.A. in Communications from Wright State University and M.A. in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. She is certified as an advanced practitioner of NLP (special applications to health), hypnotherapist, conflict mediator and Reiki Master.

Carla has lived and traveled widely in the United States, Europe and Middle East. Her study of world traditions and spiritual practices has also taken her to various sites in North Africa, India, Peru, Mexico and Central America. These influences color not only her writing, but also her work with others.

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