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I am writing to send so much gratitude and appreciation for your work and commitment to support another's growth. I just completed your books again! I actually devoured them. The increase in my receiving 'ah-ha's' and revelations was [an indication] of my increasing consciousness and ability to receive guidance.

In Standing Stark it felt, at times, like this lifeline of 'I knew it!!!' There were so many things you shared of your own experience that I have, too, and it encouraged and acknowledged my knowing... Seeing someone I so deeply respect, so openly share some very, very vulnerable places with us has given me an exponential blast of endurance and open-mindedness to my higher possibilities... Thank you again from the bottom of my heart as your work has so deeply touched my life and my path. I really am at a loss for words.

- Alisa Wright
Ben Lomond, CA

Carla Woody came into town and breathed new life into the healing community already very present here. I had the pleasure of being with her in a one-on-one healing session... a cocoon of safety... very present, very aware, very attuned... She tapped into what my core issue was on this day even as I was unable to come up with it myself... just the 'medicine' I needed to shift this issue... feeling lighter, happier and more sure of who I am before I even exited the room. Grateful for this experience and life-changing healing session.

- Peggy Fontenot
Lafayette, Louisiana

Thank you Carla for your open heart, passion and gifts... and for touching my mind and life.

- Bekki Davis
La Crosse, Wisconsin

A few years ago my stepmother suggested I attend a Kenosis seminar, Navigating Your Life Path, with her that would take place over several months. As I lived in San Francisco at the time and the weekends took place in Prescott, Arizona, it was quite a commitment for me. Fortunately, I signed up and experienced something that was pivotal in my life. At the beginning of the seminar, I was entrenched in a depression, and I was beginning to be rather afraid for myself. In my late 30's my life was taking a slow spiral downwards which I felt powerless to do anything about. My home and family situations were sources of frustration and sadness. Physically, financially and socially I was in intense lack. (I felt unhappy and out of place even with the country I lived in, my own home country, and constantly daydreamed of living in the south of France — though it felt quite out of my reach and was yet another experience in poverty.)

Over the months, through Carla Woody's artfully subtle and sage guidance, and the loving interaction of an enthusiastic and open group of fellow students, I was able to make a turn-around. Something that will always stay with me was a private session with Carla where she actually "took" painful energy that I had carried throughout my life, from my upper back and, literally, threw it out the window. It was gone, never to return. In that moment my beliefs about energy changed and I have happily and powerfully been building on that discovery ever since.

I am now writing you from my office in the south of France, and I am living the life I used to dream about. Most importantly, I have a deep love and appreciation for the same people and places that I formerly had associated with pain. I have the very powerful knowledge now that our lives are lived from the inside out. Carla showed me that.

If you are in the fortunate position of considering a Kenosis experience, I am fully confident that if you make the commitment to her practice, Carla Woody will bring you through it to a fuller and brighter life. Life is magic, all that we dream it could be. We just need someone brave enough and strong enough to guide us to a place where we can see it for ourselves.

- Jill Mitchell
Venelles, France

Carla, thank you for helping me get on my feet. Your kind, wise counsel continues to help me and so spreads your healing ways. You know what you're doing... . You've blessed me with your grace. May your heart soar like a hawk.

- Bill Eisenbart
Bethel, Alaska

September 2005 my partner Paul and I travelled to Tibet with a close long-term friend. We went quickly into high altitude and by day two I went down with altitude sickness. The next day I was fine and our friend remained so but by day three Paul's lungs were filling with fluid and he was battling to stay alive with what we now know to have been a combination of pulmonary oedema and cerebral oedema... in short for five days he came close to dying. By September 18th 2005, his birthday, he was able to get out of bed, from then recovery was fast.

As a result of this trauma plus a devastating argument with our friend, we went home shell- shocked to the point where if anyone asked me about Tibet I would cry or tears would fill my eyes and I would not be able to speak. Paul's lungs began to fill with fluid and his body went into a panic as the first anniversary of our journey came around. Even thinking about it would send his body into a panic.

In January 2007 we travelled with Carla and her group to Mexico. Having spoken to Carla before the trip about both our problems she suggested that there was a process that she could take us through that would help.

The process was relatively quick and easy. Did it change anything? You bet it did!! September 2007 came and went. This time there was no physical or emotional response... in fact it was so far from our thoughts that Paul almost forgot his birthday. Thank you Carla for your assistance... . our minds and bodies appreciate it immensely.

- Phoebe Hoogendyk
Lismore Heights
NSW Australia

I have such a sense of "rightness" in my life. My experiences at the retreat helped me to connect my past to those who went before me and enabled me to move into the present with new understanding of my role in life... one more validation that my experiences there were just waiting to happen... waiting to help me reach the place I am today. Thank you.

- Jane Kroner
Prescott, AZ

My day-to-day life is so different since I took the Navigating Your Lifepath course. I am only realizing the full amount of the benefit as time passes. Just what I need, as I need it, continues to step right into my path. I feel like I am growing in leaps and bounds! So much information in the class was new to me, but now I find reference to the concepts and beliefs in so many places! I just have to thank you again for coming into my life.

- Debbie Alger
Phoenix, AZ

Navigating Your Lifepath moved me from point A to point B, which is a much better place!

- Michael James
Prescott, AZ

Our agency's work with Carla Woody has resulted in higher levels of clarity and satisfaction amongst the staff. We have been able to clear the air, see each person's unique contributions and discover our strengths as a team.

- Becky Ruffner
Director, Prevent Child Abuse
Prescott, AZ

In order to effect change in life one needs the most useful tools. I've found that this is where the best tool shed exists and that Carla has the best 'power tools' I've ever used!

- Julianna Hamilton
Prescott, AZ

Carla, thank you for sharing your lovely spirit with us through the weekend. And for showing such patience and love as we struggled — under your care and nurturing — to grow. You began a healing process for me that will continue, hopefully, for the rest of my life.

- Carol Hunter-Geboy
Prescott, AZ

I attended a (Kenosis) spiritual retreat... which greatly enriched that kind of positive, loving attitude toward living... rich in chanting, imagery, drumming, ceremony, and an outdoor at-one-with-the-earth experience. It was filled with love...and, most of all, it was a healing experience leading to increased energy for me. I highly recommend The Kenosis Experience next time it comes around. Spiritual healing only enhances physical and mental health!

- Bill Chaplin
Yarnell, AZ

I want to express my eternal gratitude for all the empowerment, insight, wisdom, healing and joy you have helped me to attain since I first met you in September, 2001... Words cannot express how much I have gained from our connection... As you know, I came to you at a time of great turmoil, both emotional and spiritual... In our group, I began to truly see what had and continued to motivate my thoughts, emotional reactions and beliefs about myself. Your (Navigating Your Lifepath) course was so divinely inspired. From the first time you guided the group it was impeccable. To this day I continue to be amazed at the positive changes that have occurred within me and others who have taken the course. I see that the course was not only a great awakening, but a foundation and a framework for the rest of the journey... We are growing exponentially, in no small part because of the courage and vision of people like you who have worked hard and evolved as leaders.

- Sally Isaacson
Prescott, AZ

My experiences with Carla during our private sessions were of significant benefit. She assisted me in gaining valuable insight about my personal issue. As a result, I was able to greatly reduce stress I had been experiencing and gain a much more peaceful sense of well-being... Participating in Navigating Your LifePath has proven to me once again how acting on intuitive promptings always provides what I need, at the time that I need it most. The content of the course work and the spiritual gifts that Carla brings to the sessions was exactly what I needed. I experienced a profound transformation in my awareness... The transformed awareness that I gained through Navigating Your LifePath has changed what I think and feel about who I am — and how I am experiencing the purpose of my life's path.

- Arminta Tupper
Prescott, AZ

I have known Carla Woody for approximately two years. I met her after a trauma in our family, and I was depressed and suicidal. I didn't realize that I was ready for a new path in my life. Her gentle and caring guidance through meditation, retreats, private sessions, and her books helped me to heal, and I am doing well. She has offered me tools to help myself. I sometimes open her books — Calling Our Spirits Home or Standing Stark — at random, and a wonderful lesson or guidance is there waiting for me.

- Penny Erholtz
Prescott, AZ

I needed help to take control of my life. In seven sessions, Carla helped me clarify my goals and achieve them! The subtlety of the techniques she uses is deceptive. By the end of each meeting, I felt peaceful and relaxed. I did not realize how much I had changed, but the changes are evident in my thinking and in my daily life.

- Dana Luse, D.V.M.
Prescott Valley, AZ

Quite a few years ago, I had a traumatic illness with an accompanying coma. There was a lot of unknown territory in this blank spot of my life, one which held a lot of fear and lack of resolution. Using incredible gentleness and reassurance, Carla guided me toward a much more pleasant outcome than the one I had been holding onto for years. Through her eclectic style and intuitive timing, she helped me go forward in my life and use this particular deviation from everyday reality as an opportunity for growth. I have been able to turn this traumatic event into service toward my best advantage.

- Marilyn M. Petrich
Prescott, AZ

Much gratitude to Carla for her help dissolving and resolving the emotional and mental trauma associated with a serious auto accident. Carla applies her art with sensitivity and insight. Moreover, her work is most effective with permanent results. My highest thanks and recommendations.

- W. P. Crim
Springfield, MO

I got a lot from the Navigating Your Lifepath course and encourage all to take it in one's quest for change.  The western way of life has many ways to take us away from our basic needs and (the course gives) ways to be closer to the Earth's energy and healing powers.  I am still reading and learning from the materials we worked on in class.

- Sue Countiss
Henderson, NV

Six months ago I was at a very low point; I felt stuck, confused and unsure of what to do. What I needed was assistance, instruction and knowledge. It was then that I was presented with the opportunity to take the "Navigating Your Lifepath" course. Through the lectures, readings, exercises, discussions and group process I gained a greater understanding, clarity and focus of who I am and what I want for my life. What I learned helped me to move through some blockages which created a firm foundation from which to move forward. I now have a clearer sense of self as well as new tools, skills and renewed confidence to walk my path with joy and purpose. Thank you Carla for sharing your wealth of knowledge, firm guidance and constant support through this transformational process!

- Leesa Page
Wickenburg, AZ

Being part of the retreat was important food for my soul. Yep, powerful work...

- Fairin Woods
Longmont, CO

Thank you, Carla, for the retreat! The insight I came home with is almost overwhelming...

- Jo Van Keuren
Prescott, AZ

A True Fairy Tale

By Jeni Babin
Prescott, AZ

Fairy tales do come true, and this one begins as most all do...

Once upon a time, in the city of Prescott AZ, lived a rather shy, somewhat befuddled, artist who had somehow managed to bury herself in her studio, without truly realizing how that happened.

She looked around one shining morning and thought to herself, "I feel really isolated, unhappy (even though I love my work) and unfulfilled." She also realized that she didn't have a clue about why that was. This was really confusing, because she had spent many years studying and teaching spiritually enhancing techniques that had benefited her and others. And yet, there she was STUCK in the middle of the pond without a paddle. And the pond was beginning to smell really funky.

Realizing that life's path is a journey of mountains, mesas, valleys, forests and deserts, she decided it was time to pull her feet out of the muck and begin a new journey. Fairy tales usually involve a hero's journey of sorts. So she 'sort of' went on one. The magic began. She walked into her local organic food market and a flyer blew off the bulletin board by the door and hit her in the face. Yes, the universe does have a grand sense of humor: the flyer was for Carla's Navigating Your Lifepath course... hmmmm. Recognizing a sign when she saw one, she signed up. The fairy godmother, the magic beans and the goose with the golden eggs are small potatoes compared to the life changing offerings she experienced.

Carla has the skill, openness, determination, encouragement, and trust in each individual that creates growth and expansion in amazing ways. Obviously the protagonist of this tiny tale is me, and the change in me and every single person I've met in the retreats, trips, courses, and sessions with Carla has been dramatic.

If you're stuck in the middle of some smelly life-pond, there is someone available who can help you craft a couple of really large paddles that will get you moving out of that pond and onto your own hero's journey. Expect big changes Cinderella/Cinderfella!!

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